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Online Training

At GTT, we believe in creating a supportive community environment. Our staff and clients are passionate and driven by fitness, and we motivate each other to our best potential.


Our gym is a premium facility and contains everything you need for your training schedule. This includes our premium selection of  dumbbells, bars and plates, racks and weights machines. We also offer team training programs which motivates clients to stay fit with others. Our affordable model means that you can train six days a week for less than the cost of one PT training session.


We are located on Collins St, Hobart. To find out more about our fitness centre or fitness services, contact us today! You can email us at or go through out CONTACT page and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can!


After-Baby Body Transformation

After-Baby Body Transformation Program, a proven method for busy mums who are dying to get their pre-baby body back!

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