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Our Mission

GTT Performance Centre is a results-driven premium gym located in the heart of Hobart’s CBD. We offer an ever-evolving service like no other, staying at the cutting-edge of technology and theory, but with a personal touch. Our sophisticated training and services are unparalleled in the area and we are here to support you in your nutrition and fitness education.


We put our clients’ needs first, and pride ourselves on helping them meet their fitness goals. We provide premium personal training, as well as team fitness classes, and offer the best premium gym facility  in Hobart. Our team is highly trained and dedicated to fuelling your success by providing motivation as well as a supportive and fun environment, which not all fitness centres can offer.

Our team

Daniel Lowry

Owner of GTT Performance Centre

Owner, operator and head honcho of GTT. Dan has over 16 years fitness industry with a wide range of experience. From training Army Special Forces, clinical rehab, over 10 years Personal Training, Professional athlete development and the architect of GTT and all it’s programs. Dan has a tunnel vision for ensuring each and every person has a memorable experience when they walk through the doors of this gym and invites you to make yourself known to him at any moment.

Alana Lowry

Co-Founder of GTT Performance Centre

A keen interest in health and science lead Alana on a career path to becoming a nurse. After 5 years of working in the hospital system, Alana realised she wanted to help people get healthy and strong in another, more proactive way.

Alana co-founded a unique training and lifestyle studio in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and over the course of her time there, inspired hundreds of people to get as passionate about training and eating well as what she is. 

After 15 years in this Health and Fitness industry, Alana’s passion for helping clients discover how much potential lies within them, has only amplified. Her enthusiasm for her vocation is infectious and evident in every PT session or group training session she runs. 

In more recent times Alana has directed her passion for fitness and health into developing her very niche ‘After-Baby Body Transformation’. This program is the culmination of years of working with pre and post-natal clients, as well as her own experiences this past two years since having a baby.

Jeremy Fraser

Personal Trainer at GTT Performance Centre

Jeremy has a wealth of experience in powerlifting, competing and coaching in New Zealand and Australia since 2014. He is an accomplished academic having completed university and postgraduate studies in the topics of exercise physiology and maximal strength development. He has worked with over 40 competitive powerlifters alone, most of these he guided through their first competition and beyond. Jeremy is a highly sought after strength and physique preparation coach who has a high rate of success with clients using evidence based methods.

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Jono Hopwood

Personal Trainer at GTT Performance Centre

Jono, aka ‘The Raven,’ helps both male and female clients accomplish their health & fitness goals from a holistic sense, with the belief that achieving meaningful & lasting success can only occur when goals are approached as a lifestyle change, by establishing balance between the body, mind & spirit. His coaching philosophy encompasses a high-attention-to-detail approach to training, a habit-based approach to nutrition, and a reflective approach to mindset, ecology, and understanding your ‘WHY.’

Sophie Kuncio

Personal Trainer at GTT Performance Centre

Sophie is one of Hobart's most distinguished and in demand female trainers. She is a wealth of knowledge on all things ‘strength training for ladies’ and has an amazing record of helping her clients get leaner and stronger. Sophie is a very accomplished lifter herself and enjoys nothing more than sharing her passion for strength, fitness and health with her own clients. 


Jason Singleton

Personal Trainer at GTT Performance Centre

Jason is a passionate fitness professional with a decade of experience. He is a former competitive Crossfitter and prides himself on the intelligent deployment of Crossfit principles for helping his clients. Jase believes in training as a practice that helps you improve bit by bit with every session you complete. When it comes to ‘walking the walk’, few can do it like Jason. He is one of the strongest, fittest and most energetic people you will ever meet!


Marko Gavanski

Personal Trainer at GTT Performance Centre

Born and raised in Europe at early age Marko was very interested in sport. He worked in various parts of the Middle East for 7 years and now is based here in Tasmania, Australia. With more than 10 years in the fitness industry Marko loves working with both male and female clients. He enjoys focusing on weight loss, HIIT and hypertrophy workouts. He loves implementing different training techniques and supplementary equipments.


Scott Cummings

Personal Trainer at GTT Performance Centre

Having moved to Hobart to join up with the team from the UK, Scott is delighted to bring his unique skills to an already stellar coaching line-up. 

A highly enthusiastic individual with an eye for detail, he has a wealth of experience in the fitness industry. Over the years he has worked closely with the disabled, as well as adolescents and is certified and experienced in exercise adaption for pre/post natal mothers and clients with a GP or medical referral.

A dedicated professional and natural communicator, he has demonstrated an ability to adjust and deliver a high quality of training to a diverse group of people.

Scott has a keen desire to develop his own fitness skill set and spends time training strength, and conditioning.


Michael Behrakis

Personal Trainer at GTT Performance Centre

Michael’s pathway into the health and wellness industry was not one of tradition. 

Having gone through many of life’s hurdles, he quickly realised that  mental health was being driven not by the environment around him, but the mental landscape within. The gym become a personal journey of health, strength, wellbeing and accountability for Michael, training first at GTT for over 3 years as a client. 

During that time, Michael discovered an aptitude for strength and fitness that he never knew he had.

The gym is now firmly embedded in his life and has allowed him to grow and develop into an authority on using fitness as a vehicle for a better life.

His passion lies in strength and body transformations where he endeavours to help people traverse the same path that he did.

Lochie Taplin

Personal Trainer at GTT Performance Centre

Lochie is an energetic and enthusiastic fitness expert with a passion for helping others reach their fitness goals. Born from his own competitive sports background, Lochie's love for training began when he sought to improve his athletic performance. This ignited a spark of curiosity within him, leading to a deep dive into all aspects of fitness. Lochie's versatility and commitment to continuous learning have allowed him to customise his approach to meet the unique needs of each of his clients, delivering personalised and effective results.

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