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GTT is now accepting applications for our Fit Body Challenge!


You may have seen our Private Training Facility in the CBD. Hobart locals love our great community and the fantastic fitness results we help them achieve.


Why? Because we make fitness fun, effective, and time efficient so that busy people just like you can get super-fast results.


We've been absolutely 'bringing it' for the people of Hobart for more than 9 years now, with our unique fitness and body transformation systems.


Strength Training

What if we could get you to a point where you could eat more food while still losing body fat? Well, this is what our program will allow you to do. Our unique way of designing and delivering strength training will get you more lean muscle, better strength and a faster metabolism so you can be burning body fat even while you rest. 


Transforming your body

The Transformation Session is the tool we use to help you burn more calories in a single session than what you would've in a month of gymming on your own. It's a high paced, scientifically validated form of training that'll burn calories, torch body fat, unlock fitness and make you feel more energised than ever.

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Movement That Matters

We focus on exercises that'll make you stronger and better at life's activities, while also getting you lean and fit. Our training will help you develop a lean, muscular, athletic look so you can live your life with confidence and energy!

This Is For You If;

👉 You're a busy person that wants to lose fat while  increasing your strength & ENERGY levels...


👉 You've tried other diets or fitness programs but haven't seen the results you were after...


👉 You don't have time to work it all out yourself or spend hours in the gym each day. You're busy so you need an 'in and out' system that can be done and dusted in 45 minutes MAX!


👉 You want to feel fit, lean and strong so you can live like you're still in your 20's


👉 You've struggled knowing what to eat or with STAYING motivated and on track with your nutrition...


👉 You want a program that's fun, fast but more than anything, EFFECTIVE!

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