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When it comes to a great gym and training environment in the Hobart CBD, you can't go past GTT Performance Centre.

From personal training to team training and our unparalleled general gym membership, there truly is nowhere else with the range of general equipment, free from crowds that allows you to train well anytime of the day.

In designing this gym we focussed our efforts on stocking it with a range of equipment that you simply won't find in any other Tasmanian gym, and even rarely anywhere else in Australia.

You see most gyms follow a cut-and-paste model, with the same old limited range of gear that just doesn't facilitate inspired exercise or a good workout.

We've focussed instead on building a motivating environment that'll help you win in your training and get great results.

From the Pendulum Squat to the specialty handles/grips for training back, unique squat bars, belt squat machine and the thick rotating handless on our dumbells, our specialty range of strength equipment will help you execute the best of programs.

If strength ain't your thing, we have a full range of cardio equipment that we can run you through how to use in staffed hours, not to mention the best group fitness classes in town run by the best trainers (sure we're biased).

So if you're looking for a great new studio or gym to follow a tailored health and fitness program where you'll be driven to succeed, we're here and ready to help.

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