Physiotherapy sessions

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Darcy Stubbings is a Senior Physiotherapist and Clinical Strength Coach whose primary purpose is to ensure you become the strongest, healthiest, and most prosperous version of yourself. To help you achieve this he will:


  • Offer critical advice about habit-building and creating a long-lasting foundation of physical and mental health via prioritising positive lifestyle choices.


  • Treat any pain and/or injuries you have with a combination of hands-on techniques, intelligent strength and mobility programming, and mindfulness meditation coaching.


  • Provide expert guidance whilst holding you accountable every step of the way, to ensure your biggest goals become a reality.


Although his Bachelor of Medical Science, Doctor of Physiotherapy and 500+ hours of Yoga Teacher Trainings have provided the theoretical foundation for his very unique skill set, 

Darcy’s experience in helping well over 1000 clients in the past 7 years to dramatically improve their physical and mental health, has gifted him with insights and knowledge that could never be learnt in the pages of a textbook. 


His wide array of specialised training, knowledge and experience allow him to switch back and forth between many hats that it truly takes to heal one's body - including Physiotherapist, Clinical Strength Coach, Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness Practitioner - and thus play a very unique role in the lives of his clients. Darcy will meet you exactly where you need to be met, whether it’s embarking on a strength and mobility program for the first time, training for an MTB, trail running, powerlifting event, or introducing the subtler practice of meditation into your routine to fine tune your focus and help manage stress in your daily life. 


Regardless of whatever it is that’s standing in the way of you achieving your goals, Darcy will be able to diagnose your roadblocks and quickly help you overcome them. By working very closely with Dan and the GTT personal training team, he is able to offer you a seamless multi-disciplinary experience with you at the centre on your health journey, and a team of highly experienced health professionals ready to support you.


Book an initial session with Darcy today to start taking steps forward.

*Health care rebates available